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Online Divorce: Is it a realistic option for you?

Have you considered the possibility of a do-it-yourself divorce?  Are you concerned about the expense of an attorney for a divorce, which you hope will be uncontested?  Have you looked at buying forms from a legal supply company, or completing them online with one of the interactive form-filling services, but hesitated to do so without the advice and help of an experienced family law attorney?

Perhaps you know that even the smoothest divorce can sometimes hit a snag, and you don't want to go it alone, but you don't want to spend a fortune or make repeated trips to an attorney's office to complete what you believe should be a simple matter.

If you or your spouse reside in the State of New York and meet the basic residency requirements, and if you anticipate that your divorce may be uncontested, you may be able to complete all the necessary documents for a divorce online without an office visit to your attorney, but without sacrificing the important resource of attorney involvement in your case.  

This will involve reviewing documents online with your attorney, actively working with your lawyer online to make sure that all the information in the documents is correct and complete, printing documents and signing them before a notary public, and returning them by mail to your attorney's office.

If you are comfortable with participating in online communication, such as web conferencing and collaborating on document revision online, then this might be a good choice for you.

Your particular case may or may not be suitable for handling in this manner.  If you believe that it might be, please feel free to contact attorney Ellen Ross to discuss whether online handling of your divorce would be appropriate for you.